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Welcome, Jessica,

You have a very interesting tutorial to share with us. Thanks for coming. I will be posting on Jessica's blog at the same time. I'm doing a tutorial about making paper flowers-my version, anyway. Be sure to go over to Crafty Nonsense to see what I'm doing over there.

Well hello everyone! I'm Jessica from Crafty Nonsense Noted and today I am to participating in Grow.Swap.Share! Thank you Linda and Carol so much for having me! Two Succulent Sisters is amazing!

Quick background :) Like I said I'm Jessica. I love to blog about all the crafts, recipes, and nonsense going on in our lives. B is my longtime boyfriend. I got the idea for this project from one of the techniques he uses quite often. He restores cars and does amazing custom paint jobs! One of my favorites is a technique called, the lace overspray.  I just love the way it looks!

So today I will be showing you how to mask, and spray a clip board! This is definitely an outside project.

What you'll need:

  • Clipboard
  • lace 
  • masking/painters tape
  • newspaper
  • acrylic paint 
  • spray paint
  • small paint brush
Alrighty, lets go!

  1. Mask off shapes. Take your clipboard and figure out what shapes you want on your clip board. I just taped off random triangle shapes.
  2. Paint the shapes on your board. You may need to wedge something under the clip part of board to paint under/around it.
  3. Let dry and take off tape.
  4. Cut lace shapes. I did not measure or do anything fancy, I just roughly cut a triangle shape that (kinda) matched the shape I was spraying over.
  5. Tape the lace to the board. I offset mine, I didn't want it perfectly over the shapes.
  6. Cover everything you do NOT want spray paint on. Including the surface around the board you are spraying.
  7. Spray! Tips for spraying: hold can about 4 inches away from board, move from left to right of each shape you are spraying. Be consistent with your motion, move down the shape until you have sprayed the whole area. Basically just don't go back and forth in random directions all over it :)
  8. Let dry for a minute and then take everything off VERY carefully. You don't want to smudge the lace print.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :) you can use the lace overspray technique on sooo many things! Next I'm using it to spray a cover for a new scrapbook album as another project. 

Thank you so much Linda and Carol again for having me!

It was our pleasure to have you visit, Jess, and hope we can swap again sometime. Be sure to visit the other blogs that are swapping by clicking on the button below. See you around the blogs. Linda


  1. Jess!!! MY Girl!! Love this idea- so fun and Loving the Lace Bling! Yes Yes!!! :) What a sweet project, not sweet like as ice cream sweet but SWWWWEEETT!!!! As in Totally Tubular Sweet!


So happy you came to visit today. Everyone is so busy but if you would like to leave a note for me, I would love it!!


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