This yummy, yummy ice cream dessert was inspired by This Chick Cooks. I changed up the ingredients somewhat. Then I put them in little decorated for Fourth of July peanut cups. Best thing is that they can be made up ahead of time and they look really festive. And? What is the one thing that is important to my sister and I about crafts or making fun food? It has to be quickly done and look like you took a long time making it. And, of course, it has to be fun to do. And, if it’s food, it has to be extra scrumptious because I don’t like cooking that much!! Fortunately, this quick, yummy dessert meets all the above requirements.
Chocolate Melts + Vanilla wafers + ice cream = yumminess
I wanted to put ice cream between 2 thin cookies or wafers but since I went to a small store all they had were these vanilla wafers and a few other cookies that I didn’t really want. However, I had the idea of putting ice cream between 2 potato chips so I bought potato chips and the vanilla wafers. I love Nilla Vanilla cookies. Love ‘em… a bit too much, perhaps. Anyway, I thought I was going to hit a home run with the potato chips. You know the salty sweet flavor is yummy. So yummy.
So I put a teaspoon of chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite along with mint chocolate chip ice cream and just plain chocolate ice cream) in between 2 potato chips. The  biggest problem is that no two chips are alike so each ice cream/potato chip sandwich is kinda lopsided. I also made some cookie/ice cream sandwiches just in case the potato chips didn’t work out. Here they are all made.

IMG_0421 (800x589)

Now, time to melt the chocolate melts. I buy the – well, I’ve bought the cheap chocolate melts at Joann’s and sometimes I buy the expensive melts (they go further, I believe, because when they melt it’s thinner so you don’t use as much.) I dipped the little ice cream sandwiches 1/2 way.

IMG_0452 (800x600)

IMG_0438 (800x600)
Here are the potato chip ones…
IMG_0440 (2) (800x600)

IMG_0450 (800x600)

They don’t look all that great but the ones with the potato chips tasted the best. They were crunchy, thin, salty, and delightfully chocolaty.
You have to work incredibly fast because the ice cream MELTS. You can see it in the pictures. Melty melty…
Now the treats are made I wanted them to look pretty for the 4th of July. I came up with this:
Peanut cups:
IMG_0454 (800x600)

Melted Chocolate (again):

IMG_0452 (800x600)

Dip the top edge of the peanut cup in the melted chocolate.

IMG_0455 (800x600)

Then I put it in sprinkles.

IMG_0460 (800x600)

Isn’t this special?

IMG_0461 (800x600)

I put these red and blue stars on the top edge of this cup.

IMG_0465 (800x600)

I put the potato chip ice cream sandwiches in the cup.

IMG_0473 (800x600)

Here are the cookie ice cream sandwiches.

IMG_0476 (800x600)

I do have one word of caution about the potato chip ice cream sandwiches. They were crispy and crunchy the first day but the second day, they were kinda soggy. They still tasted good. I had no trouble getting these down, believe me.  Otherwise, if you want to make them up ahead of time, the cookie would be the best bet. I was thinking of experimenting with different types of cookies and crackers, too. These little confections are fun and quick. And I love these little peanut cups. I put the Chick Pops in these little cups last year and then put them in cellophane bags. That would work with these also…making them up ahead and sealing them with a little twisty. Happy 4th of July. God bless America!!

Best wishes

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  1. What a great 4th of July treat, not only do they taste good (I can just imagine .., mmmm) they are adorable. The addition of the peanut cup and its decorating is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this. (Do I have to wait for July 4th?)

  2. These treats are so cute and fun! :) Ice cream between two potato chips... I get it! Salty and sweet. :)

  3. My two faves chocolate and Nilla wafers!



  4. Hi Linda!

    Thanks for linking up your post at my Patriotic Link Party! Those potato chip treats are right up my alley! The peanut cups turned out so cute too!

  5. Hello fellow Linda. Wonderful treats and decorating them for the holiday is perfect...Yumm! I am your newest follower. I hope you visit and follow along. Linda

  6. Hi! Oh that's a good idea coating that little cup with chocolate and stars and or sprinkles. It looks really yummy too.

  7. Wow! Your guests will have quite the treat when they come to your house for July 4th! Want to be my neighbor? :) Thank you for sharing the yummies with The "Sunday Stop"!

  8. oh sounds absolutely yummy and looks treat too

  9. These treats are just too cute and clever! Love the saltiness of chips with ice cream! I'll have to give this a try!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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