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Summer Fun - Flower Popsicles

This morning I was cruising around the internet and I saw these GORGEOUS popsicles from Marla at Family Fresh Cooking.
She used fresh edible flowers!!!
Oh, but her presentation is UNBELIEVEABLE and an inspiration to me. Then I started looking around her site and MY OH MY, she has some wonderful stuff going on there.
But the pictures are just SUPER FANTASTIC. I know if you go over there you will just get lost for hours. She has PINTEREST boards that are just chock full of MORE wonderful stuff. That’s going to take a full evening to go through!  :)
Colorful stuff.
I love colorful stuff. I love bright colors.

Remember the Squidoo page I did on Johnny-jump-ups (also called Violas)? And then I did a posting here on Violas? If not, here is the link to Violas, Pansies, and Violets. I was introduced to flowers that you can EAT and it was fun. I never did cook with the violas but maybe I will. Nasturtiums are edible, too, and I planted heaps of them this year.
This is not a paid post. I don’t even know Marla, but had to share with you all what she did with these popsicles. Here is Marla’s  link again. Have a sunny day. It’s been HOT HOT HOT here in Connecticut, almost 100 degrees yesterday. I almost killed some of my flowers because I forgot them (they are in a pot over in the side yard and it’s not my fault – okay, I guess it has to be my fault. No one else here is going to water… unless I threaten, cajole, or plead.)
How hot is it where you are? Stay cool,

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