103 Year Old Woman – Our Mom

Our mother, a centenarian, is amazing!! Here is her picture from her birthday party yesterday.

IMG_0893 (600x800)

In our town, we have an old community house that can be rented out for parties and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The day started out with Michele, my niece, making flower arrangements in teapots . I did a post on this HERE, with pictures of the darling little teapots filled with flowers from the garden.
Since this is the 103rd birthday which is pretty special, we wanted to do SOMETHING SPECIAL.
We ended up doing TWO SPECIAL THINGS.
We hired an old car with a pretty cool driver. This is how it happened. My niece, Michele, and I were planning Mom’s party (my sister lives in Pennsylvania and since the party is here in Connecticut, she isn’t usually part of the planning of the parties for Mom. She comes with her daughters and granddaughters and gives money so that’s what counts. Ha ha). Anyway, Michele’s husband, Terry, called her and said he just passed an old car show and maybe someone there could drive Mom to her party. So Michele and I went over there and saw some amazing old cars. How fun! We found a fabulous old car and a not-so-old owner who was willing to be Mom’s driver.

IMG_0672 (800x600)

Here is Mom with her driver, Morgan. This is a 1931 Ford. It’s an interesting story in itself. Morgan bought this car when he was 14 years old and he’s had it ever since. The interior of the car is all original. It has a certain old smell, too. How lucky were we that he said he would be glad to drive Mom to her party!? AND he couldn’t have been more perfect, either. So gracious! He even dressed the part!! He had hurt his back a few days prior to the party and we weren’t sure if he would be able to even drive a car. THANKFULLY he woke up on Saturday and was well enough to drive. YAY. We could not have hoped for anyone better! Thank you, Morgan!!

Here is Mom when she first saw the car.

IMG_0638 (600x800)

Here is Mom getting in the car. She’s such a good sport.

IMG_0642 (800x600)

Michele and I rode in the rumble seat. How FUN!!!!

IMG_0644 (800x600)

Here is a picture I took from the rumble seat. Reminds me of “Driving Miss Daisy”, the movie.

IMG_0651 (800x600)

It was a short drive to the party… Here is Michele with the wind blowing her hair..

IMG_0652 (800x600)
IMG_0654 (800x600)

Here she is enjoying the ride. Here’s Mom with the car and her driver (ha ha).

IMG_0671 (800x600)

IMG_0694 (800x600)

She is thoroughly delighted with her surprise. She said that they had a car when she was in her 20’s very similar to this one. Morgan very graciously allowed the kids to get in the car and rumble seat and took them for a ride around the park in the parking lot. They were pretty happy about that, as you can see.

IMG_0729 (800x600)

IMG_0739 (800x600)

Too cute. Then we went inside.

IMG_0622 (800x600)

I made this banner on Print Shop. 103 Years and Going Strong!!!

IMG_0623 (800x600)

The kids table. Does anyone remember sitting at the kids table and not wanting to? I do. I was the youngest!

IMG_0788 (800x600)

My daughter, Laura, made  these treats for the kids, old fashioned candies in canning jars. My Mom remembers McCarthy’s Ice Cream Store from her childhood so Laura made a little candy shop sign and signs for the tops of the treat jars to match.

IMG_0780 (800x600)IMG_0772 (800x600)

IMG_0778 (800x600)

IMG_0776 (800x600)

Old fashioned candies.


Mom has had a prayer box for years. She writes out a request on a piece of paper, says a prayer for the person, and then puts the paper in the prayer box. She says “There is nothing magical about it. The Lord knows that when I put a person’s name in the prayer box, that I expect Him to take care of them.”. She is a follower of Jesus. Our whole family is.

A few years ago when she was in her 90’s she wanted to give everyone in the family a prayer box but it never happened. My nephew, Mike, who makes furniture  - see his cabin furniture here said he would take care of the project for us. And so he did. Aren’t they nice? Inside each box is a piece of paper with the words of Jesus, “Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

IMG_0837 (800x600)
IMG_0838 (800x600)

Mom was so thrilled that everyone would have their own prayer box. Well, each COUPLE would have their own prayer box, anyway.

IMG_0905 (800x600)

Here she is blowing out her candles.

Hope everyone enjoyed this. Best wishes,


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