Palm Crosses

I just wanted to do a quick post about making palm crosses today.
I made a Squidoo page about Palm Crosses and put on links for how to make them and videos, too.  Check it out HERE- Palm Crosses.

I made these! This is very new for me. When I was coming out of church I saw a woman who had one of these little woven thingees and asked her how to do it. She showed me but I didn’t quite get it but my friend’s daughter said, “Oh, I know how to do that”. We came home with lots of palms. :) And she showed me how and I made about four of them along with several crosses that I usually make on Palm Sunday.

There is a tutorial for making these HERE.

046 (600x800)

044 (600x800)

Wee Little Miracles shows how to make a St. Brigid's Cross.

Complete tutorial on how to make this Cute Box Out of Palms.

Here are some of the crosses I made today also.

032 (800x600)

040 (800x600)

Happy Spring, everyone!!!


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  1. Wow!! The first and last croos looks so gorgeous!! Love it!! :)

  2. Very pretty--I remember these from my younger days.


  3. Aww I used to LOVE to make these! Yours are SO so cute!!! ♥


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