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Pretty doll garland using clothespins

Michele, Denise (nieces) and I made these some years ago. It’s pretty self-explanatory how they were made. We painted the little clothespins and then wrapped fabric around them to dress them. Then we threaded buttons onto the wire, tied a few red bows from fabric, and glued on the little clothespin dolls. Easy.
046 (800x600)
The little dolls….
047 (800x600)049 (800x600)
048 (800x600)050 (800x600)
051 (800x600)
I did a post on this a few years ago but I thought repeating it might be a good thing since we didn’t have very many followers back then..
Best wishes,
Guess what? I went to My Live Signature and made a pretty name for the end of my posts. Cool, huh? Very easy to do. The girl over at Stardust had a tutorial on how to do this. It really doesn’t work in Live Writer, but I saved a picture of my name and then just add it in. Something new. It’s nice.

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  1. Adore the whimsy and quirky in your banner. Totally rocked it !

  2. Oh, sweet! My granddaughter would adore this!

  3. How cute! i love these little dolls made into a garland. Great work!
    -Christene Houston {Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat Sponsor}

  4. absolutely adorable! I love your blog name too.

  5. so cute, they remind me of some bridesmaid dolls my mom had many years ago.

  6. So cute! Thanks for linking up with Show Your Stuff!