Connecticut Flower Show

Michele (niece) and I went to the garden show in Hartford yesterday. I tried blogging from my phone but it didn’t work. (Have to have son look at it).
Anyway, some pictures from the flower show. It was wonderful to see all the flowers in bloom. We bought some really, really cute things. Will put them on tomorrow, I guess. Or next day…
Here goes: Oh, I should mention that these pictures were taken with my phone and they have a whitish look to them.
There was a wonderful woodland scene and they had stuffed squirrels, racoons, (no rats or mice, though. snicker) a deer, etc. They were almost impossible to photograph because they blended so well with the woodlands. This is the deer. I guess this was to show how they are nearly invisible.
There were lots of water pools, including a people pool in a backyard scene. That was different.
I’ve seen this before, plants in old boots.
Mich and I want to make some of these. We’ll get a birdhouse from Joann’s or Michael’s and… well, if we do it, I’ll blog on how to do it. It’s great, though, isn’t it? Little hens and chicken plants.
This was something different also, a framed bed of plants, flowers.
The back is a wooden box to hold the roots of the plants and some dirt.
Then there is what they call a living wall. There is a sturdy black planter that holds the plants and can be hung upright. It’s called Gro-Vert.  Here is the fella selling it. He wanted his picture taken so I told him it would be on my blog. See the living wall in back of him? The containers are not that big and are $45. each. That is an expensive living wall. :)
There were lots and lots of fairy houses at the show.

The people that sell butterfly feeders were there with their live butterfly display.
Sorry these pictures were so bad. Best wishes,


  1. Love that birdhouse and wish I could have gone to the garden show! Spring is not yet here and I am chomping at the bit to work in the yard. I actually bought a fake succulent wreath to tide me over. Love your blog name! Our family calls me and my 2 sisters "The Triumvirate." I prefer to think we're like trio who ruled Rome and not the 3 witches in Hamlet.

  2. I've seen living walls done with old pallets. Free vs $45. You have to be sure to get pallets that haven't been chemically treated, though. Love the birdhouse! Great pics! Thanks for sharing.


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