Judi’s Gourmet Meal

I visited with my sister in PA this weekend and we did a small craft fair while I was there. We made lots and lots of candies to sell but this post is about the special meal my niece made while we were there.
Ultimate Crab Cakes
Twice Baked Tiny Potatoes
Fried, breaded Goat Cheese
Edamame (which is soy beans in their pods) boiled and buttered
Fresh Spring Greens Salad with fresh dressing – I think Balsamic Vinaigrette
Here are the pictures:
Ultimate Crab Cakes
Here is the fried goat cheese patties – she rolled them in Panko with some kinds of spices.
Judi fried these in very hot oil for only a few minutes so that they don’t melt and get squishy.
Here they are all done. Since I don’t like goat cheese I was reluctant to try them but once I did, I was SOLD. They were wonderful and I scarfed down quite a few of them. Judi said they were great on the salad, but I liked eating them just like that…plain. Yummy!
This is something I’d never had before…Edamame which is soy beans in their green pod. Marvelous. Marvelous. Marvelous. She boiled them in water and added butter and salt and they were so so good.
Next were the little tiny potatoes that were baked, scooped out, and then put back in the skins and covered with bacon and cheese. Judi said she never wanted to do these again since there were so many of them and it took so long to scoop them out. I asked if there was a recipe but she said that it was a twice-baked potato recipe.
She rounded the meal out with a fresh salad with strawberries and fresh balsamic dressing.
And for those who don’t like crab, she also made chili.
Thanks, Judi, for the wonderful feed!
Aunt Linda

Partying here:

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