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My summer and unfinished/finished projects

Wow. I can’t believe that I haven’t posted in so long. Summer was so great. I took my granddaughter to the pool and the beach. Many days were lovely and warm or hot and I sat by the pool reading books. One book was Basic Economics, the other Physics (not the calculation kind but the mind boggling star/planet speed of light kind). My 24 year old was watching a youtube video about the twin paradox and so that sparked my interest and we had a physics book lying around so I did get through a few chapters. I’m really interested. It’s just HARD. Got halfway through the Economics book. That’s a bit easier if I don’t get too involved in the graphs. It’s fun to learn new things.
I  have a lot of projects that didn’t get finished like the little window house from Maison D├ęcor.
conserv 1
This is as far as I got. I started it last April/May (who can remember that far back?).
I’ve got the two windows for the roof but I’m struggling with how to put them on. Gosh, I should just get to it.
All rightee then… I did get the cow mailbox done. I had a little help from Michael, my nephew. Okay, a lot of help. He cut out the cow from wood and then I painted it. And  then he had to repaint it because it was so bad.
I bought a regular white mailbox, cut the top part of the cow out of wood, and painted the whole thing together to match up. Michael (nephew) screwed the cow onto the mailbox. Thanks, Michael!!!
My morning glories on the lamppost are doing great. They had a slow start but now are really coming into their own.
Little pink begonias.
Best wishes, everybody. We are getting into prime craft season coming up!!!

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  1. Hi Linda so nice to meet you! and thanks for stopping by the blog. I really like your blog so personal. I too have lots of unfinished projects just waiting for me this fall.

  2. Linda, thank you for stopping you really encourage me to keep going with my altered projects for a while I gotten off focus on what my calling was after stepping back reading the word I am on track once again.