Moose Coasters

My nephew made these really cool coasters.  He made some country/log beds and has some “logs” left over so he cut them across about an inch or so high.
This is a “mini moose brand”. You only need to heat it up with a lighter and then sizzle it wherever you want to. In this case, my nephew sizzled it onto the little log coasters. And it comes out brown and burnt just like you see these, no painting involved.

burned image of moose on wooden diy coaster

Are these the coolest things or what?

wooden coasters with burned images

I like the moose the best.

Wooden moose coasters

Then he also bought a bear brand. They are really reasonably priced. I might have to buy one. :)I have to look and see what the different brands are. They are used for branding steaks. I looked at some of the pictures from this site. They also brand grilling chicken and baked potatoes, too. I'm trying to think of what to do with them as far as a craft goes. Fun. fun. fun.

DIY bear image on wooden coasters

burned images of bears on wood coasters

He’s already sold 2 sets on ebay. I think he could sell them at Jackie’s Victorian Boutique even though they are far far from being a Victorian item.
Hope everyone is having a succulent wild summer. I’m so darn busy there is hardly any time to blog but I am preparing a super garden extravaganza of pictures from my garden. I’m very excited to show everyone but, gosh darn, there is so much to prepare so that everything looks good. It’s amazing that all the flaws/dirt/mess shows up in pictures when you don’t want it to.
We’re working to get mulch on the gardens – it’s mostly done, at least the front is. Then I can take pictures and show everyone. I’m so happy about the way the front yard turned out.

Best wishes for a warm, happy summer. Linda

The other sister wishes the same thing for everyone, too.

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  1. Great gift items! Super job!!!


  2. First time I have ever seen anything like this before! Saw you on link party, now google following you, Karima x

  3. ah these are so cute! I could just picture how great they would look in a mountain home! Thank you so much for linking up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings!


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