More Pictures of the New Dining Room

Okay, I’ve worked on the dining room some more and here are the pictures.
The doors came out really nice.
I’ve always wanted doors between the dining room and the family room. Well, I am not disappointed. They came out great!
Then I wanted to spruce up the curtains since I’ve had these curtains for a few years and wanted to have the feeling that they are somehow new. So I bought some pretty green/pink plaid fabric and made these bows.
Okay, then I redid the cushions on all the dining room chairs. (The whole dining set needs to be refinished – it was my Mom’s and I got it when she bought a new dining room set.)
I tried all kinds of fabrics from my own stash and finally settled on polka dots. I love polka dots but I didn’t have enough of one color of polka dots so each chair is graced with a different color polka dot cushion. I saw a tutorial online about how to cover cushions. It was easy.
I covered the stools that are at the kitchen counter in polka dots, too.
That’s a Snippets picture on the wall. I bought a book by cindy Walter called “Snippet Sensations”. I bought her second book, “Snippet Sensations2” also. I planned to do more than just this one picture but it didn’t happen.
Would you believe I bought this rooster for $3. at a tag sale? It originally came from Homegoods and had a price of $29. on it. It’s large.
I learned about making “feathers” at well, somewhere. I tried find the blog I saw this in but can’t find it. I did want to share this “feather” though. I just love it. Tomorrow I’ll seriously try to find out where I saw this. They have the patterns there also. Cut the pattern out of  pretty paper. Then take a pipe cleaner and sandwich it in between the two papers. Glue the whole thing together. Then cut diagonal lines all the way up the “feather”. Then I sorta pulled them to give them character.
I hung one of the turkey to see if he’d like that…
I think I have everything that I wanted to put in this post.  I’m SO tired! It’s midnight – uh, oh After midnight…falling asleep…
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. *Love* the place mats and tiebacks!

  2. Really love the rooster! A very good choice to match it on the table. In feng-shui,rooster bring good luck for job career and business!

  3. Looks great. Big fan of the dots!
    Looked at some of you previous posts--no wonder you are tired.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. The doors turned out great! And, I love the barstools too.


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