102 Years Young–our Mom

Everyone asks our mother, “How did you get so old?”  Then she goes into all the ways she stays healthy, happy, and mindful. I’ll do a post on that sometime but for now I wanted to show how we celebrated her birthday. We had the party at my brother’s boat club on Long Island Sound so you’ll see boats in the background of many of these pictures.
This is NOW.
This was THEN.
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Mom and her mother and father. Her father used to call her “Gal”. Her mother lived to 101 years old and was always ready to go anywhere. she loved being busy, too, just like Mom.
We were thinking about the party and my daughter came up with the them of “Camping in the 1930’s” since Mom was such a great camper. So we tried to think of things to put on the tables like apples, old lanterns, old crocks, bowls, fresh picked hydrangeas and roses – things that have been around a long time.
And things that they may have had on the picnic table in the 30’s like pickles in canning jars.
Here is one of the tables. Oh, and the American flag… patriotism was high in the 30’s. Is it high today? I hope so.
I used red and white checkered tablecloths and put old fashioned candies in canning jars also.
I had bought an old wooden soda bottle box at an antiques store a few years back and decided to fill it with real bottles of soda.
We set up Mom at a round table.
I made momentoes to celebrate the 102nd birthday using the old camping picture as a starting point. I cut out the upper parts of the people and put a fabric “tent” in back of the cutouts to make it give the whole thing a three dimensional look.  I used that favorite stuff  of mine – Double sided Pellon Peltex. It is so thick, it acts like cardboard but you can iron fabric on the fack and the front without any sewing involved.  So then I printed out words on fabric for the printer that can be ironed on also and that went quick. I glued on a string for a hanger and some more three dimensional stuff – shells.
On the back I wrote a little story about the camping days as told to me by Mom. I printed it out on the fabric/paper that irons on and I swished on a strong tea solution to give it a more aged look. Then I ironed it on the back.
My nephew came around and said, “Why not make a real tent?” I said, “How?” and from there these wonderful tents evolved. Mike made the tents, I supplied the materials.
I bought some old looking duck fabric at Joann’s and some 2 x 2’s for a wooden support base and Michael made up the two tents in no time. And did the kids have FUN!!!!
The campfire was added to mimic the old campfire in the picture. Someone put corn on the cob in the pot for effect.
Mike even used sticks for the posts of the tents just like Dad used on the tents of old. The ropes were added for effect, too.
Here’s one of the tents filled with kids…
It doesn’t look as nice as if this whole thing were on the beach….
Oh, this is neat. My daughter came up with the goody bag for the kids….
HOBO Bags. She put the goodies in a handkerchief and tied them on a stick. They were a big hit.
Here’s a little hobo.
Some pictures of Mom…

We took some pictures of Mom in front of the tent. Mike had the idea to put up a blanket in the back as a backdrop. So glad he did because this has a more authentic feel to it.
Mom by the water…
It was lots of fun planning this party and being creative to recreate a 1930’s camping on the beach picnic.
Hope everyone enjoyed seeing these pictures. Best wishes, Mom, for a Happy Birthday year and many more…
Linda and Carol

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