Vintage Hats

Some years ago I was really into old hats, hats like my grandmother and great aunt used to wear. My Aunt Emma always had a hat on her head. The hats she wore were sometimes nothing more than some netting on top of a wired base. Like this: See the netting? It’s kinda raggedy from age.
This is the top.
Here is another one kinda like what she wore.

She wore this type also. It sat flat on the top of the head and the “points” were wired so they were shaped to conform to the individual’s head.
This is a bigger, fancier hat, equally old. I’m sure that Aunt Emma had one similar to this one, too.
I saw a hat rack in a magazine years ago, filled with old, vintage hats. In those days we didn’t use the word “vintage”. Things were just plain OLD.  Anyway, I bought a hat rack to hang on the wall and then had to get old hats to go on it, which I gleefully did at tag sales.  Through the years I put old pocketbooks up there, too. This is in my front hallway. Can’t really see the mirror, but it’s under there.
They can get pretty dusty sitting up there …
Best wishes, all. Linda

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  1. I can remember my Grandma always wearing a hat. Even like the small hat you showed in your post. The more fancy hats were for Sunday or Lodge.... Another thing she always wore were white gloves..... Ahhhhh.... The 40's & 50's were so elegant!!
    Have a Great Day!

  2. I love hats too! I have collected several over the years and have them hanging in my guests room. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. So pretty - I love vintage hats and accessories! My mom used to buy me old hats and gloves from flea markets and garage sales for me to dress up in.


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