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Sonny, the Duck

My son hatched this duck from eggs he collected from our 4 sweet little ducks that we had last year. Their lives were cut short by a hungry fox. Cry.

Then my son went out in November and collected all the eggs that the two females laid in the little doghouse. He made an incubator, 2 actually, and after much sweat, tears, and prayers 9 little ducklings were hatched. One died right away. Another died a month later. There was a lot of grieving around here, can I just say that? I never want to hatch out anything ever again! It’s too hard.
Anyway, we have 5 black/blue Swedish duck mixes, one handicapped duck (can’t walk), and one very special duck who was one of the last ducklings to hatch. That’s Sonny, the duck.

Here is Sonny on the front step!
happy spring!

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  1. All day every day. He's an indoor animal unlike his outdoor brothers. He's an imprinted Duck, so he loves us more than he would love any other animal, including Ducks. In fact I've used a lot of energy and resources to make sure he hasn't seen any of the other Ducks, as to keep his imprint strong. He wears a diaper around the house, watches TV with us, follows us around the yard, and begs for corn all the time. He's a really sweet Duck when he's in a good mood. If they didn't eat everything they saw in the house, and were able to be house trained, people would have more of them as house pets IMO.

    He probably should have a blog of his own haha.

    -Linda's Son David