Teacup Purses

I have such beautiful rose print fabrics that I decided to make the teacup purses out of some of them. One year I did a quilt shop hop. I decided to get all kinds of rose fabrics, pink specifically, so now I have lots of really nice rose fabrics to play with. And I played with them by making teacup purses. I took the idea from this book, Pretty Little Purses and Pouches. There is a really sweet tiny teacup pouch pattern in here if anyone wants to make one.

I put two rose flannel (yes, flannel) pockets on the inside. I had this pretty rose print flannel that I bought for something and thought it looked really good on the inside of the rose pocketbooks.
Here’s a whole bunch of them.

And here is another rose fabric ( I love black rose fabrics).  I made this romantic rose purse out of it.
With a little change purse, too…
I’ve had this rose pin forever so I just pinned it on. I think it completed the look of lovely and romantic purse fashion.
Best wishes, Linda

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  1. I love making pocket books, but over the years I have forgotten how to put in a zipper so avoid patterns with them at all costs. See these precious bags, you make me want to try to do it again. This are adorable and just the perfect size. The choice of fabrics is perfect.

  2. I'm having issues with zippers as well I would LOVE to see an easy way to put them in! I love the black one very pretty!

  3. So cute! I'm admiring your red check wing chair. I used to have one just like it! I miss that chair so much. Got rid of it in one of my many moves. Can't keep everything.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. What beautiful bags! That flower really does finish it nicely, very very pretty!

  5. Your bags are perfect! You have a real eye for fabrics and a gift in crafting! New to Blogging, I am adding you to my list! You are wonderfully inspiring! have a great weekend.

  6. Your teacup purses are so sweet. I might make a pair for my little nieces.

  7. I can't sew. it makes me throw tantrums...lol....but I sow seeds? does that count? lol....great project...thanks for the visit...I am a new follower!

  8. I learned how to put in a zipper for a purse with a lining in a tutorial a few years ago. I couldn't find that one but here is one that uses the same method. Very easy.


  9. I ♥ your purses!!! The flower??.. WOW!! Really great! I always enjoy your blog so much!


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