Cake Pops

When I saw these “lollipops” I was fascinated! Then I found out that they are really cake on a stick covered with chocolate candy coating and called CAKE POPS!!!! I knew I had to make them.  Bakerella is the one who originated these little dainties.
I made these for a Victorian Boutique in Pennsylvania.
To display the cakepops at the shop, I covered a small cardboard box with some cupcake fabric. I just love this fabric.

Aren’t they cute? They make a nice presentation, don’t they? I am going to charge $1.85 for them. Do you think that’s reasonable?

Here is a video on how to make cake pops by the originator of the cake pop, Bakerella.

Making cake pops is so easy. Once the cake is made, the rest is fun. I guess you could buy a cake if you didn't want to bake one. I loved making them. I thought my back would be aching by the time I was done but really I could have kept going.  I wasn’t tired at all. A cake, a container of frosting, some candy melts, and pop sticks (which I bought at Joann’s) are all you need. Bakerella says you can get 60 out of a cake mix cake but I only got 32 so mine are bigger. Making these is along the same lines as making meatballs except after making them you get to dip them in yummy melted chocolate….  Have fun.
Here is another video (there are quite a few of them on you tube) on how to make them. Isn't it great that you can learn anything online? wow.

No sense in reinventing the wheel. Here is a video on how to make cake pops.

Tomorrow or the next time I can get on here, I’ll show the Chick Pops I made. They are Cake Pops, too, and covered with yellow candy melts and are they ever CUTE!!!
Best wishes, Linda

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  1. I need an insulin shot just looking at these. Aren't they cute!!! :D

  2. I think I must be the only woman in the world who hasn't tried these. I need to make some. Yours turned out soooo cute.

  3. Oh My, I loove this idea! I am going to do my daughter's bday party in may a "candy shop" theme and these are so yoummy perfect! thanks!

  4. I'm finding my cake pops are falling off the sticks :-( Any ideas where I'm going wrong please? :)

  5. @ Mabelandmack - did anyone respond? Your issue could be (most likely) the balls are too big - I use a SMALL cookie baller, and make them maybe 1 in in diameter. It's also helpful to dip the stick first and insert, then let them sit for a bit so the chocolate hardens before dipping.


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