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Carol’s shabby chic couches

refurbished sofas 006aa
Carol has been having couch problems. See the hole in this cushion? It’s one of many holes and worn spots throughout the 3 red couches she has  in her living room. Can I just tell you how comfortable these are? VERY comfortable. They double as beds when too many guests stay overnight together. They’re great. Well, we've been couch shopping but have yet to find a comfortable couch that doesn't have down feathers in the cushions SO she came up with this solution: cover the couch with quilts. She went to the Christmas Tree Shop in PA (we'll go there this week when I come, Carol) and bought some shabby chic quilts, came home, and covered her couches with them. Here is the results...
refurbished sofas 002aa
refurbished sofas 010aa
refurbished sofas 012aa refurbished sofas 013aa
Don’t they look nice now?
Best wishes, everyone. Linda

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  1. I agree with Denise. They look inviting, like they are waiting for you to curl-up with some tea and a good book!

  2. Oh I love all of it...I could stay there all day. So warm and cozy...I really love your blog. Please come by sometime.