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Pretty Notepads


I’ve been making these pretty notepads for years. I just take about 6 or 7 various different 8 x 11 1/2 inch papers, fold them in half, and stitch them down the middle. Walah! A little journal pad to take with you to workshops and classes. These are some of the classes I’ve taken over the years. I’ve also taken various quilting classes and used these notebooks also.

James Grabowski – you can see his paintings at this gallery. Here is the notebook I used. I must have found some dragonfly paper to put on the cover of this pad.


I made this little notebook, took it to this class, and then when I came home I put it on the shelf with all my other notebooks to other classes I’ve been to.

David Dunlop


David Dunlop – I took more than one class with him. His paintings are seen all over this area – at various hospitals, etc. You can view his art by going here. This fella really is knowledgeable about all the artists through the ages. It’s very interesting to listen to him talk.

Richard Derwitsch

This fella gave a class at my house. I love the look of his outdoor paintings. Here is his blog. Here is the notebook I used. This notepad was not so pretty but useful. I know his method of painting and learned so much from that one workshop and I have it all written in this little notebook I made. I put all handouts in here also. It’s a little record of the day.


Best wishes, everyone. Hope you enjoyed seeing how I have used some of my homesewn notepads. Linda

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  1. I would love to see inside some of your notebooks!

    Ricki Jill

  2. Okay, will show the insides tonight, Ricki.