Every Inchie Monday

I'm back into inchies. Every Inchie Monday is a year long project. One inchie a week seems doable to me so I joined also. So, hopefully, I'll be able to make one of these little tiny creations once a week. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I should make some ahead of time. Each week has its own theme and it's all posted on the Monday Inchie blog. Come and join us in our quest to conquer the inchie!

The first inchie I made by cutting up a piece of one of the little houses I've been making. I think it's perfect because when I look out the window, what do I see? SNOW. So "it snowed" is appropriate. Then I added some little crystals (I used to be into jewelry-glad I'm out of that. Have you seen the GORGEOUS beads at Joann's and Michael's? I spent some money on beads about 6 years ago but there wasn't the amount of beads there is now and there was not the beautiful, succulent beads...So... anyway, I'm glad I'm not into that anymore or I would be spending a ton of money on those beautiful little suckers). Well, to make a long story short, I had the beads to add to the inchie.

Best wishes. Linda
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I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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