Little fabric houses

I’ve been making some Christmas cottages using the same method as the Christmas balls ornaments and Christmas Trees. I use Pellon Peltex double-sided fusible stabilizer. This stuff is used for quilted postcards. What is wonderful about this stuff is that you iron on whatever fabric you want. I iron on fabric on the whole piece of cloth for the back of the houses. Then I cut separate pieces of fabric to iron on the fronts after the little houses are cut out. You’ll see..31rfd4PkyoL._SL160_AA160_Here is the Pellon Peltex. Great stuff. Has to be fusible on both sides.

056aI ironed the fabric on ONE side of the peltex. Take off the plastic covering on the other side and cut out pieces of fabric for the roof , the chimney, and the house.
008aThe peltex is on the right. Iron on the pieces of fabric.
010aAnd then you have this.
017aTurn over and trim excess fabric.
019aSew or glue on a little bit of lace.022aOr trim.
021aCut out a little door from contrasting
fabric and sew or glue that on. Glue on a hanger and a little bit of polyfil or cotton ball for chimney smoke. Glue on a button for the doorknob if you want, too. hey, you could embellish the heck out of this little house!
Best wishes for a happy Christmas Season! Blessings all. Linda

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I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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