Christmas Fabric Ball Ornaments

I love these little ornaments. VERY VERY easy to make which is why I wanted to make them in the first place. The way these are made are the basis for all the ornments I'm making this Christmas season and AM I ON A ROLL!!!!!

The secret to all these ornaments is Pellon Peltex double sided fusible ultrafirm stabilizer. I've used this stuff before when I was making quilted postcards. Since both sides of this very firm stabilizer is fusible it's very easy to just iron on fabric on both sides. Then I just cut out whatever shapes I want to make. In this case it's little round "Christmas ball" ornaments.
Here is the Pellon Peltex double fusible (the white stuff - this image is from Amazon and it can be bought from them or Joann Fabrics) in between two layers of fabric (the hot pink with white dot fabric).
Then I iron it on all at once. It goes quick quick quick.
Now I have the whole sheet of Pellon Peltex with fabric on both sides so now I use a glass to pencil circles all over the new very stiff fabric.
I cut them out.

Now that I have these nifty stiff circles I can do anything with them. I could glue on lace, trim, etc. but I decided to sew these things on with my trusty industrial machine which I've had for year a few years now. When my sister bought a new Husqvarna she gave me this machine and it sews through anything. It's great.

Sew on or glue whatever trims you want and then glue on a hanger.
And a bow. I use this great glue - Fabri-Tac. This is waterproof, too. I've put things through the wash with this glue and it never gives up.

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season!


I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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