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I Love Lucy Fabric

At the Quilt Show last week in Connecticut there were several huge, beautiful raffle baskets. One of the baskets was filled with chocolate and in the chocolate basket was a fat quarter of the I Love Lucy chocolate factory episode, where Lucy and Ethel couldn't sort the chocolates fast enough and then started eating them to keep up. I loved it, the fabric that is. So I looked at the Quilt Show but there was none. Come to find out it is very hard to find but I finally located some on the internet and bought 2 yards. Here are some pictures of this fabric. Love, love, love it.

Won't this make a great apron?

Best wishes all. Linda

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  1. it would made a DELISH apron! I just recently caught the cousin Ernie episode... I LOVE Lucy!!

  2. Oh yes, I can see an apron too! the I love Lucy fabric is awesome!. Your little bunny is a keeper for sure, he is so cute.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  3. Just reading your post makes me laugh over that episode. So many laughs from her, she was THE BEST