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Easter Baskets from Easter Hats!

Kim at Cheap Chic Home is having a Linky Party for baskets every Friday in March so I have linked up for the party! Every Friday she will be posting fun basket stuff!

Last year I made these really cute girls' hats to sell at Jackie's Boutique. I bought them for $1. at Target and then decorated them with ribbons and flowers and tulle. I put a price of $10. on them. I thought they were really pretty but not one of them sold! So, of course, I have them all right here and need to do something with them. Carol had the idea to turn them into Easter baskets so that's what I did. Here is one that I just turned the hat over on its crown, pushed the sides of the brim down, sewed them down, added a handle and a bow and wallah! a really cute Easter basket. I don't have time to do a tutorial for the handle but will do that next week when I blog about the OTHER kind of basket I made from the hats. I like the other basket I made better so be sure to check back next Friday.

Best wishes. Linda

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  1. Hey...Why not???
    Suggestion.... You could always fill them with Easter Grass & silk flowers & take them to a Nursing Home!! Then you could use them as a tax deduction as a donation next year!! Win..Win !!

  2. they look really great! Have a happy Easter

  3. How cute! What a great idea.

  4. what a wonderful idea!! I would love to try that myself and think i will look in the city this week for some cute straw hats to turn around and make into baskets as you did. they could be done in all colors! And since I love ribbons it won't be too hard for me to find some pretty matching ones to make a handle out of. Love the idea!

  5. Cute and festive! A great way to recycle the hats!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!