Easter Baskets from Easter Hats #2

I will attempt to show how I made the "basket" from an Easter hat. I bought some thick cording from Joann's for the handle. I covered the handle with a pretty pink fabric as the cording would look terribly unfinished. I cut out a strip of fabric the length of the cording (the length of the basket handle can be anything you want it to be...freedom ..) and 2 1/2 inches wide. Any extra width can be trimmed away.
Next, I fold the fabric in half lengthwise right sides together. I usually put the cording inside (not all the cording of course- I just get a measure of where to put the stitch so that when I turn the strip inside out, the cording will actually fit through it). Then I sew all the way down the strip and across the bottom. Now turn it inside out with a chopstick - that's what I use. I don't like Chinese food but my kids do so I have plenty of them hanging around.

Now that the strip is turned inside out, it's time to pull the cording through the pretty strip of fabric. First cut the end off so that you can get the cording all the way through the strip/tube. I put tape around the end of the cording, attach a big safety pin right through the tape and cording, and push this end into the tube of fabric. Keep pushing the pin down the tube until it gets all the way to the end. Take off the pin and tape and there you have your handle for your basket.

Next it's time to get the hat into more of a basket shape. So I put the hat on its brim and take a pinch of crown and pin it so that the crown is coming into a smaller shape - more like the size of the crown. I take 4 of these pinches but you could have more or less. I thought it looked okay with 2 pinches but my sister didn't like it so I did 4.

Here it is with the four pins making4 pinches. Now it's more of a basket shape. I sewed mine on the sewing machine but you could sew them by hand or even glue these pinches together.

Then I put the very pretty handle I made down into the basket. I sewed these on also - I have an industrial machine but if you have a delicate, fancy machine, it probably won't sew through all that thickness. Stitch by hand or glue. I use Fabri-Tac glue which is sold at Joann's and probably A.C. Moore and Michael's. This glue dries really fast - within 15 minutes or so.
Wallah! A little Easter basket. Oh, I trimmed the long ribbon and glued down the ribbon that circled the crown of the hat. Thank you, Carol, for this idea!

Best wishes, all. Anyone who has any questions, you can email me, but it's pretty straight forward.

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