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Small crochet pouch

I bought some nylon crochet thread, thinking it would not be as "fluffly" and dusty and it's not. It's great to work with but they have such limited colors. Joann's has only black and this tan color that you see here.
Here's the bad part. A free pattern was offered somewhere in blogland but I don't remember where so I can't cite the blog. Duh. Anyway, the pattern was bad (or I read it wrong) and the pouch kept getting bigger and bigger so I had to rip out part of the pouch and try to whittle it down a bit.

I threaded two strings through it to make a drawstring pouch and put a metal bead on the ends. I love the way it looks, but wish so much that there was some colorful thread like this. As you can see, it is a thicker thread/yarn than CroSheen thread. That stuff is really, really tiny.
Best wishes, Linda

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  1. Love the little drawstring pouch. I think it turned out great!.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. What a cute little pouch! I have trouble with some patterns too.... Never sure if it is me or the pattern!! LOL!!
    This turned out great with your touch!
    Take Care....
    Love Ya',