Connecticut Flower Show-Fairy Houses & Fountains

The Connecticut Flower Show is on until Sunday February 21st! What fun! What beautiful stuff! I managed to spend only about $100. approximately. Here are some of the things we saw - Mom, Michele (niece), and I.
As soon as we walked into the show we saw this whole large garden filled with little fairy houses. It was so fun to look at them. I was very excited and thought about how we can make little fairy houses in our gardens once the snow melts. Or, well, I suppose we could make something now. We could make little snow mounds with a little fairy on skiis and snug, little fairy houses nearby. Such fun!

And then there were the fountains. There were far more fountains/waterfalls than there were flowers...far more. Water was flowing everywhere..... These are just a few pictures of the flowing, spouting, spurting, meandering, dribbling, splattering, misting, spilling, soaking, SUCCULENT water...

Tomorrow I will post some of the things that we bought at the flower show.


  1. These are so beautiful & magical !Thanks so much for sharing !

  2. absolutely beautiful, I adore it all! thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us all. Really brightens the day. Makes me think now what i can do with My garden!

  3. Too much fun! Our Flower and Garden show is going on this weekend too. They are a lot of fun!


  4. Linda, thank you for coming by my blog for a visit and for "following"! I came by to visit yours and found it beautiful!
    I just love that you and your sister do this blog. I will be back again.


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