snow - it's beautiful!

Here are some pictures of some neighborhood crows (I love crows, too, Marie) and a picture of the dogs sniffing around in the snow.

I took care of a baby crow once for a local nature center. I used to give him blueberries and he'd hide them around the legs of chairs. He was really cute. I'd open the door at dusk and he would fly in for the night. One night he didn't show up. It was sad.

Anyway, our little wild flock of crows will have egg noodles because my daughter made them for supper with chicken and green peas. Gosh, who on earth is wanting to hear what we had for supper? Unless it was something really, really tasty. It was good. It's always great when someone else cooks. I'm not fussy.

Best wishes all. I'm working on fabric birds right now and also some crochet squares and circles. Will post them as they become finished.


  1. I love crows too.... They are so smart!! I feed them bread & they dip it into our bird baths so they can eat it. ((Makes a mess of the bird baths)) LOL!!
    Great pics...

  2. We get a lot of crows down here in the south too. Birds are fun to watch, and they each have their own different personality. Hope you are having a good New Year.

  3. Hi Linda, I popped by and enjoyed looking through your blog..
    We're melting down under, wish we could get some of your snow...looks wonderful and cool!
    Julia ♥


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