Crochet fun!

I thought I'd put a quick post on here before I go around the house and straighten up after having taken down the Christmas trees today. Yep, all wrapped up in plastic, all 4 of them with one more to go sometime this week.

Anyway, I bought this book, Crochet Motifs, (you can look further into the book on Amazon). I absolutely love it! I also bought 200 Crochet Blocks which I haven't gotten into yet. There are so many really cute flowery type circle crochet thingees in the Crochet Motif book to keep me going for a while. I need to pick out better colors and learn how to change colors, too. I think it would spice up the blocks a lot. Anyway, I'm having lots and lots of fun with this book. Will post anything I make.

I bought these three cotton yarn balls and threw them in the dryer to de-dust them (get the dust off so I'm not sneezing, sniffling while I'm trying to crochet). When I took them out of the dryer I was surprised to find this big mess of yarn. Darn. I should have known that would happen. I was talking to someone in Joann's the other day and she mentioned that putting them in a laundry mesh bag and then just throwing them in the dryer with my regular wash would have prevented that problem. Duh.
Anyway, hope you enjoy this posting...Best wishes, Linda


I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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