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Crochet fun!

I thought I'd put a quick post on here before I go around the house and straighten up after having taken down the Christmas trees today. Yep, all wrapped up in plastic, all 4 of them with one more to go sometime this week.

Anyway, I bought this book, Crochet Motifs, (you can look further into the book on Amazon). I absolutely love it! I also bought 200 Crochet Blocks which I haven't gotten into yet. There are so many really cute flowery type circle crochet thingees in the Crochet Motif book to keep me going for a while. I need to pick out better colors and learn how to change colors, too. I think it would spice up the blocks a lot. Anyway, I'm having lots and lots of fun with this book. Will post anything I make.

I bought these three cotton yarn balls and threw them in the dryer to de-dust them (get the dust off so I'm not sneezing, sniffling while I'm trying to crochet). When I took them out of the dryer I was surprised to find this big mess of yarn. Darn. I should have known that would happen. I was talking to someone in Joann's the other day and she mentioned that putting them in a laundry mesh bag and then just throwing them in the dryer with my regular wash would have prevented that problem. Duh.
Anyway, hope you enjoy this posting...Best wishes, Linda

Hi, I'm Linda and I am the writer, crafter, and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer of this blog. Hope you will join me for some fun and it's all about fun. What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about.

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  1. Oh wow these are so beautiful. My daughter has been crocheting. She's been making some very lovely things too.

  2. This is my first visit to your blog, I hope you are able to unravel your yarn. I have never heard of having defluff yarn before, Those books sound and look wonderful. I must get back into crochet!

  3. My 1st love is crochet... I don't have this book but I have so many others that are just motifs you can hook together to make something with!!

  4. I love to crochet but haven't done any since last winter. I guess I need to find a new project.

  5. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for coming by. How did you find me?
    I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog. It's nice to have a new follower too.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you and I'll be signing on as a follower to your blog too and
    then I'll add you to my blog list.


  6. Linda, love the book! And thanks for stopping by my blog (Crochet Galore). I love your blog and will be visiting regularly now that I have seen it. Will be a follower too! Nice "meeting" you.