Butterfly Mornings

"Wishing you butterfly mornings and wildflower afternoons" is a quote I've used more than once in some of my small quilts I've given to people as a get well "card". Maybe that would be a good name.

Here is a tote bag I made a few years ago. It's great for dragging around books and magazines and things when going on vacation (I take currently favorite books and magazines with me on vacation - most times I don't get to read/peruse them because we're so busy but they are there if I get bored!) or waiting at doctor appointments, etc. I was heavy into butterflies at that time. I tried finding some fabric postcards I made around then, too, but couldn't locate any. I did find some valentine fabric postcards that I'll post soon.

Take care, Linda


  1. I like "Butterfly Mornings and Wildflower Afternoons". My sister in law cross stitched a picture one time with those words on it. I think it's lovely.

  2. I collect all things butterfly!!! What a cute little tote bag. We spend many hours in the dr.'s waiting room, so I love to carry along books & magazines to pass the time. Can't wait to see your Valentine's projects. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. The saying is wonderful, the tote a delight. What happines you spread to others!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Love the butterfly's!and love the saying too. The little tote is a perfect size.
    Enjoy your weekend, we are having a raining day.


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