Bamboo knitted blanket

This pretty blanket is SO SO comfy, made from bamboo yarn... I had to ask twice... bamboo? How can bamboo be that soft..softer than regular yarn - way softer. Michele - Carol's granddaughter made this for hubby's daughter. She knitted squares and then sewed them together. I think she did a great job, don't you?


  1. So beautiful, and it does look soft :-) I love the springy colors.

  2. Sure I have seen the Bamboo yarn & yes it is VERY soft!! Amazing what technology can do with something that is hard enough to make floors...LOL!!

  3. :) You should see the one I'm making now! WAY different - acrylic yarn. I'm still making squares, but each one has a border and I am using camo-type colors - brown, dark grey, moss green, and black. It was the specific request of my stepson. He WANTED the camo yarn - where it changes color as you knit - but I was not making a bedspread like that! When he gets married his wife may throw it in the trash (something I would do, lol) - so I am making this one a bit more sophisticated.

    I do love the bamboo one I made for my stepdaughter, though. It is so comfy!


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