Yoyos - pompoms - and my Mom

Hey, ho,

Here are some of the yoyos (We used to call them pompoms when I was little) that I've been making. Even my Mom made some. It's addicting. I saw a garland made with red yoyos and beads at a quilt shop and so, of course, I wanted to make one. That's when I started making red yoyos - a lot of them. There are over 100 red yoyos in this pile. I don't have as many green ones. I saw in a magazine how to make a Christmas tree with green yoyos and a styrofoam cone. I'm hoping to get both done but I'm going to start on the red yoyo garland tonight. I bought this bead garland from Kohls and I'm going to cut off the beads and put them in the yoyo garland. I looked at the price of beads and knew that the yoyo garland was not going to be made with them. Then I found this bead garland at Kohls for 50 percent off. They are perfect...the perfect price anyway. :)

Here is my Mom holding up the yoyo she made.


  1. Love your blog...and the pompoms. Are you sure your Mom is 100 and it's not a typo, she looks amazing, a lovely smile and she looks as though she's having. fun.

  2. gorgeous Yo-yo's - can't wait to see what your garland comes out like - perfect beads. Enjoy

  3. I found your blog by chance and it'lovely. Your mother looks so sweet. Love the yo yo's. I love making those,but wish I had more time in my day..lol
    Happy Holidays,
    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  4. Hi Linda, thank you for joining my followers. I love the things that you do and I can always use more friends. I visit my followers 2 or 3 times a week, plus I have drawings for them. So you'll be included.

    I'm going back to check your blog out more. Love that your doing things with you sis and mom. She's a doll.

    hug, come visit anytime

  5. wow, they are fabulous!! and your mum is so beautifully sweet!


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