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Yoyo Garland Tutorial

Yoyo Garland Tutorial

Okay, I'm going to try to do a tutorial. Getting all the pictures in the right place with the words in the right place is challenging. Here goes:

Materials: yoyos (these yoyos started with a 51/2 inch circle of fabric, beads of some sort, (footnote here about beads...I bought a Christmas bead garland at Kohls. I think the beads are made of styrofoam and then painted with something shiny so they were cheap which is good since you need a lot of them. I looked at the beautiful red glass beads at Michael's and they were a fortune for the amount I needed and they weren't big enough), and a needle. I used about 33 yoyos for this garland.

Thread the needle with the embroidery thread and then start sewing at the 2 o'clock position on the yoyo and go out from the 10 o'clock position. This will keep the yoyo from flipping over when it's hanging with the garland.

Add some beads and then add another yoyo. Continue in this way until you have the length of garland that you want.

I am really pleased with the way the yoyo garland looks on top of a greens Christmas garland. I hope you enjoy doing this yoyo craft. I'm thrilled that I found some way to use these luscious yoyos.

Best wishes.


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  1. I am totally IN LOVE with this idea. I already have my mind working on just what fabrics I want to use for it and how I can set up my own yoyo garland!! Thanks so much for sharing. Now I know why some inner feeling told me to get onto blogger tonight and check out all my favorite blogs, this idea was just waiting for me!! :-) hugs ~~ Debby

  2. Wow, that is wonderful!!! Now I just have to get to putting mine together. How many yoyo's did it take?

  3. This is just adorable. Thank you so much. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  4. Che bella idea, ne Prendero sicuramente spunto ...
    ciao ciao

  5. I just love the yo-yo's because they can go with so many types of decor depending on the fabric you use!! I love your garland!!
    Thanks for the tutorial!!
    Happy Holidays!