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Christmas Caroling....

Here is a picture from The Daily Coyote. It's titled "Caroling". I read the book last year and it was wonderful how this city girl moved to Wyoming on a whim and found a whole new life as well as raising a wild coyote pup.

Every Tuesday I get a picture of the coyote delivered to my email. It doesn't cost any money and I really enjoy seeing what the coyote and his canine buddy are up to. Here is the link to do that. They also have a charge if you want to receive a "daily" coyote picture. I highly recommend this if you love nature.

I especially love wolves, maybe because they look like dogs. I know they are far more intelligent than dogs and don't make good pets. (I knew a fella who had a wolf hybrid and he says they are definitely not like dogs. He showed me the scars on his arms from just playing with the wolf. He played rough and didn't like to be penned in anywhere. One time, he put the wolf in the cellar thinking he couldn't do that much harm down there. The wolf tore down all the insulation from the ceiling of the cellar. Yep, he jumped up and tore it all down. Anyhoo, here is my favorite quote by Heather Parr Fentress.

"Wolves are keepers of the wild. We have a right to their company."

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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