I made a cloth lunchbag and some little teabag holders

Here are some things I made last night along with some aprons I've made over the past week. I took the lunchbag pattern from a little brown bag my granddaughter had. I didn't realize it was so tiny. It's cute but I could hardly get my hand in it. In fact, after it was finished I wondered if I COULD get my hand in it. Well, only my 7 year old granddaughter needs to get her hand in it anyway. Okay, but she picked out the fabric - cupcakes is what she wanted. It has a stiff piece of felt at the bottom which I shoved in after it was all done. It was a little bit of work. I should have looked for a tutorial on this project but no, I just forged ahead since I was watching a movie, an old movie, Brubaker. It was based on a true story of this warden who tried to make changes to prison life. Robert Redford starred in it. Okay, some pictures here of what I've done. Any questions? Be glad to answer them.


I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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