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My sister's making potholders again!!

Hello, everyone,
I was in Pennsylvania over the weekend. What fun. We went to the quilt show. Yummy, yummy fabrics. I bought some. ..my sister did, too. My sister is making more potholders again for Christmas. She sells potholders to Jackie's Victorian Boutique in Telford, PA. I sell my aprons and stuff there also. Probably no one who reads this will be in the area but what the heck, I thought I'd put it out there anyway. Here are some lovelies to look at. Here's a picture of Mommy with one of my aprons. She came with me to PABest wishes to all.... Linda

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  1. Such cute potholders!! Love the shoppers :-) Glad to see your Mom is doing well.

  2. I was so glad to see a picture of your mom. I have often wondered how she is doing. Been a while since I have been here to visit, so glad that I dropped by today to see the pics of the potholders - they are soooo cute!! I think I could start a new collection, nothing but potholders!

  3. Darling potholders, apron and Momma!