Men's placecards

This is a picture of my soldier boy. My husband was in the Vietnam War and last year he received a medal for that. The medal you see in the picture is not the real one. I'll post that another time. This was a medal from an army sticker from Michael's. Hubby marched in the Memorial Day parade this year with a friend of his who belongs to a local Veterans of Foreign Wars. So now he is my soldier boy-you'd be surprised how this stuff takes me back to when he was in the Army and we were living on the base in Texas. He was only in for 2 years - he was drafted.

Here is the placecard of an old car. I cut some part of each placecard out so that it would stand out more.

My cousin was a mailman so here was his card. He was the only one who didn't take his card.

Some of the guys in Connecticut have boats and my brother was a boater from when I was a kid-he was 10 years older than me. I remember him building a wooden boat in the basement. I saw him bend the boards and the noise from the saw was deafening. Maybe that's why I think I can make anything... Anyway, for my brother I printed out and cut out a local lighthouse and glued on some shells. It was way cool. :)

My mother's friend's daughter married a doctor so I grabbed a picture of a Normal Rockwell painting and printed it out for his placecard.

Some of the teen guys got placecards like these pictures of guitars and the famed guitarist, Jimmy Hendrix -they took their cards, too.


  1. You gals did such a wonderful job on these place cards. So personal and creative. Wonder why the mailman left his mail?? Maybe he just forgot ;-)

  2. I'm lovin these placecards!!!!!!!


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