Guess the date these candies were invented!!

My niece, Judi, came up with this game - believe it or not, the week before the party! It must have been an incredible amount of work!! It was fun trying to figure out when each of these items came into being. She also made a hint sheet that corresponded with things that were happening in my mother's life - like this candy was invented during the decade of Madeline's wedding...hints like that. I'd like to put the files on the blog so people could print them off easier and clearer. I tried but I can't do it. If anyone knows how to do that, I'll add the hint page and also put this game as a .doc so that it can be printed out and be clearer.
Hope everyone has as much fun at this as we did.

Best wishes to all on this (yet again) drizzly cloudy day here in Connecticut.


  1. Memories ... what fun! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. great idea...sounds like you could start a new blog dedicated to "things about my mother"!

  3. I still want to post about the memory book we gave as favors, too. Then I think I'll be about done with Mom's 100th party. It seems like we've been planning this for so long and every bit of energy has gone into planning this party so it's hard to let go of it. And since so much was a secret from my sister - I wanted all kinds of surprises - I wasn't able to blog about what I was doing. BUT NOW I CAN..... :)

  4. What a wonderful idea! Did many people guess right? You've done a terrific job getting this birthday celebration together. It was quite an undertaking, and I am sure your Mother really appreciated everything.

  5. Hi this is the first time on your site. I have to say how wonderful that your mother turned 100 what a wonderful thing. I have to say she looks great and I love her smile. Its such a warm loving smile. She made me smile looking at her photos.

  6. What a very cool game! And an amazing day to celebrate!


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