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Strawberry tree.......

FINALLY, I'm able to post about my birthday. My son (22) gave me this plaque. He printed it out and made a background and mat for it. That was so cute. Then my OTHER older son and his intended sent me this strawberry arrangement. There are jillions of strawberries on here. What a surprise!! A lovely surprise! After I took the strawberries off, I saved all the sticks and the container and I'm going to fill it with fruit for my Mom's party (for the guests from out of town) here the night before the big party, June 7th.
By the way, we (my sister and I) have been working feverishly almost nonstop on getting ready for this big 100th birthday. I'm working on favors right now, which are going to be small memory books of my Mom's life filled with some old pictures and a new picture of Mom, and some fun facts of the early 1900's that she lived through, and possibly a timeline also. My sister is working on the BIG BOOKS, 4 memory books that encompass her whole life - well, okay, how is that possible? Highlights and old pictures and old stories, mostly. Carol, post some of the pictures of the beautiful pages you are making for Mommy's book.
Have a great day, everyone.

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  1. What an amazing strawberry pot! You must be so busy getting ready for the great day, such a good idea to make the memory books, it makes it very personal.

  2. How very sweet of your boys. It sounds like you had a very special birthday.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  3. Your boys did a good job on birthdya presents. Speaking of presents, I recieved a wonderful one in the mail today. The little Princess bag and tierra! thank you very much.

    Happy Mother's Day

  4. Fantabulous present. I'd be heaven with those strawberries!! A little whip cream for dipping and a hot tea.. mmmm

    Great job boys!!