Mom's memory book!

Okay, you girls talked me into putting more pages of my mom on the blog. Here is mom before she was married and another holding Carol when she was a baby.

Hi, here are some pages that Carol is working on in Mom's memory book. Right now we are steaming ahead to finish in time for Mom's big party June 7th. My mother lived in 11 different houses by the time she was 21. She said her mother liked to move a lot. I can't imagine moving all those times. You wouldn't be carrying a lot of junk around, that's for sure.

Can I say THANK YOU so much for being interested? Thanks. I haven't done "crafts" or sewing for a while. Everything is about this party. It's like planning a wedding complete with a photographer, a D.J., a reception/restaurant place for 4 hours, favors, place cards (Mom wanted a sitdown dinner), table decorations, etc. Thanks so much for following this, everyone. Have a great Sunday. Gosh, I'm hoping it's going to be nice weather tomorrow.... :)


  1. It's going to be a super time with all you are doing to make it special.

  2. I can't wait to see photos of the big event! Those are lovely pictures. I wish the sun would come out here too!


  3. Oh I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the birthday celebration. Your Mom is SO beautiful!!! What a blessing she must be to your families.

  4. What a stunner your mom was. Goodness she is pretty. Remind us again, when is the big party? Make sure to take lots of pics for us.

  5. Your Mom was a "looker"... She still is!! Love Her!! You have no idea how I envy you your Mom so I am going to click my heels & say "she's my mom too!!"
    Have a Wonderful Day!!
    Love To You & Her!!

  6. Beautiful exciting for your Mom...wish we could all come!!

  7. You mom is such a pretty woman! And she raised 2 caring and loving daughters. I'm sure she has much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful party.

  8. We are getting a professional photographer, too, so there should be some really nice pictures. We want a big family picture also and then a grandkids pictures, a five generation picture, etc.


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