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Beautiful planted Hypertufa for Carol!

Here is the hypertufa (which is made with a combination of concrete, peet, and either paper or perlite to make it light) all planted with several different perennials, one of which is hydrangea. I might have to keep this one, too, Carol, like I kept the mushroom hypertufa I bought for you but ended up as mine because I couldn't part with it. :) This is SO SO beautiful. Just kidding. ... maybe....

Greetings to all on this beautiful, not cloudy, not rainy, not drizzly, not foggy, not anything but lovely, sunny day here in Connecticut!!

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  1. We are sunny here too in NE Pennsylvania!! It is 30's at night but at least nothing is falling from the sky!!
    Have a Beautiful Sunny Day!!

  2. What a beautiful potted plantscape that is. Center of attention. Sunny here too finally for more than an hour or two. All day the sun has been shining strong. Mild breeze, 70. Just about perfect I'd say.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!
    Make sure to bring it with you!! It will love my patio!!