Uh! Oh! I've been tagged to tell all!

Pam at Pam Kitty Morning has tagged me to tell six honest things about myself. Well, that's scary. Let myself be known? Hmmmm..

1. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a nun. I volunteered at a home for the aged and infirm run by the Carmelite Sisters. The teenagers were called Carmelettes and we had our own "club" which met once a month overseen by Sister Jacinta. I think she was the only nun who could control us. :) We all had our favorite "nuns" and mine was Sister Margaret Patrick. When she got transferred to New York I was heartbroken. I have seen her since then a few times but of course, it is not the same. Everything is so intense during teen years!

2. I like toys, a lot. I have a granddaughter who lives with us so it's easy to buy the things that I really want for myself. I collect the Fisher Price people... the little original ones that were popular in the 70's.

3. Moving right along... I have always liked to decorate my house with bright and colorful things. My very first rocking chair which I bought on a plan before I was married was black with bright red, corduroy cushions on it. Also I had a black tote stool with a red cushion. I loved that thing.

4. Oh, Lord, three more to go!!?? Well, the obvious is that I love making things, anything. It's to a point now that I can look at something and if I can examine it, I can make it.. and I want to. I really want to make things. About 6 years or so ago, my sister and I saw a canning jar light and it had an electric candle in it and dried rose hips inside. The jar had a zinc cover and a homespun fabric bow tied around it. I immediately said, "We can make that." $200. later we had about 15 to 20 of these lights. The original light might have cost $18. It would have been far cheaper to just have bought the darn thing. It cost me $3. to have a hole drilled in each jar so that the cord would come out the bottom. Oh, gosh. So with the hypertufa containers I said, I'm just buying some. It's far cheaper than trying to make them. I still want to make them, though.

5. I just asked my grown kids (age 22 and 30) what they would have to say about me but it couldn't be that I'm crafty. David said I am never boring. There is always something going on. Laura says that I have a kind heart toward people and animals (anything living). Well, that surprised the heck out of me! Hmmm. I'm not boring. Whoopeeee...

6. Am I at the end already? I like to garden... flowers anything that grows. I love nature, I love reading self-help books, I love to learn, I love my grandchildren, my dogs, even my own kids. haha .. sometimes.... and I actually loved doing this exercise. It gave me a chance to pause and think about myself. Thank you, Pam.

Okay, now for the tagging. I tag Tina, Tracey, Lindsey, Lurline and my sister, Carol.


  1. Yeah, lots of interesting news there. Even though I wasn't a Catholic, I always thought being a nun would be good. Maybe it was the influence of the Flying Nun and the Singing Nun. And all the old movies with wonderful nuns. Thanks for playing!

  2. AHHH you tagged me!!! How Fun...I'm on it...I loved hearing your 6 things! Especially the nun part and I didn't know you had a granddaughter living with you...Fishcer Price is a favorite of mine too! Ok, here I go.

  3. You and Mimi are PSYCHO when it comes to 'overshopping' for crafts and items! I did this with scrapbooking - bought about $200 worth of scrapbooking items, immediately felt guilty about it - and because I have this issue with exchanging and returning things, I had my Best friend return all the items for me (it took her a half hour in store because each was like a thing of stickers for $1 a piece! lol) - I told mom about this - she looked right at mimi and goes "I wonder where she gets that from!"

    The apples don't fall far from the tree do they!

  4. ahem, it's the nuts don't fall far from the tree!!
    So there Smarty pants!!

  5. Well, Linda you will have to go to my blog: www.meetmeinthegardens.blogspot.com to see my tag that you tagged me...

  6. I already did. Why did you let Tina go wild on there? You know what she's like....(outspoken - just a little).


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