Mom Made These New Pillows!

Here is Mom at her sewing machine. Not very high-tech is it? Mom has an industrial straight-stitch only sewing machine. Here is what she accomplished with this sewing machine.

These are the new pillows Mom has been working on over the last few weeks. I had to post them here so that everyone could see how talented she still is.

Hope everyone is enjoying these posts about Mom.


  1. Oh Wow! These are gorgeous. Your Mom is one talented lady. She has the sweetest countenance. She radiates love and happiness. Looking forward to hearing about her 100th birthday celebration.

  2. I am in love with those fancy lacey pillows!! What a talent your mom has, and it is just amazing that she can still do so much at her age! God bless her!! My mom had a machine just like that, an old Singer that could only sew straight lines, forward only cuz the reverse was broken. But she made many wonderful things on that machine over the years. My sister now has the machine, still in its original reddish wood colored cabinet. p.s. I love your mom's wallpaper, it is just wonderful!! that room looks exquisite. have a good sunday, and YES we are enjoying the posts about your mother. You are so blessed to still have your mom in your life. Ciao, Debby

  3. OMGoodness... Now we know where you ladies get your talent!! Your Mom is a treasure!

  4. These pillows are sooo pretty. I want to be your mom when I grow up.

  5. These pillows are stunning ! And that's great to see that at her age, she can still make that kind of thing. My grand mother used to sew, she still does, but it's all wonky. I think she's tired of it to be honest.

    What your mom crafts makes me think of my great grand-mother's own crafts. She used to crochet and sew for a living, and we still have things she made YEARS ago. (I was baptised in a catholic church, as a baby, and my white baptismal gown was made by her, We still have it !)

  6. OMGosh, what exquisite work!! I love reading about your dear Mom. I wish mine was still with me (she would be only 89). What a treasure...enjoy!

  7. Those are absolutely lovely..clever Mum.

  8. Your mother is a sweetheart and oh, the pillows are gorgeous with all that intricate work and lace. Shes very talented.

  9. WOW! Beautiful work by a beautiful lady.

  10. Your mother is amazing !


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