In PA, my mother bought me my birthday gift, even though my birthday is not until May. I had to have it. I love this chair. It is a woodland chair..
My niece, Michelle, is going to try to get the branches and twigs so we can make some. It's definitely doable but I've been thinking of making one of these for years (even bought a book on how to make twig furniture) but never got around to collecting the stuff to make it with. So Mommy bought me one! YEA! There are 3 separate birds' nests on it - one is under the seat.

I put this small table in the dining room to set it with little bunny dishes to complement the big table but hadn't gotten to it yet and when I brought in the twiggy chair it set on it so perfectly I'll leave it there. And it's on display, like, up on the table instead of down on the floor. It's so nice to look at. My sister didn't want one, though. She's not as succulent as me. :) hahhaha just kidding, Carol.

You are not going to believe this. My nephew, Michael, came over and saw the chair and said, "I could make that in 3 hours." Then he went right out and cut down branches and came in and measured and cut them. See the picture with the twigs? He would have had it altogether but he didn't have the nail gun which he said has to be used to hold it together good. So sometime over the next few days he's coming back and we are MAKING A TWIG CHAIR!!! Oh, my gosh. I'm so excited.


  1. oooh I love the shabby woodsy look to this. Little birds, wreaths.. so pretty. Well happy early birthday.

  2. wow - what a gorgeous chair! i love it! will your mom take me shopping, too? ☺


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