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Target Tuesday


Jessica at Such Pretty Things has been blogging about Target Tuesdays and now I find myself gravitating to Target on Tuesdays to see what I can find. Here are cute little felt Easter Baskets that I could not resist. Jessica would do something with them that would make them even cuter but I just don't have the time right now and wouldn't know what to do with them anyway. I just like them and especially I like the cutwork in the green felt one.

Around about now I could complain about my camera. (My Mom says, "A poor workman blames his tools."
Here is a little bunny I bought a few years ago. Just love it. I has a beanbag bottom so it sits up nicely. Hello, little bunny.

Hi, I'm Linda and I am the writer, crafter, and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer of this blog. Hope you will join me for some fun and it's all about fun. What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about.

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  1. How big are those cuties??? I do love the green cut work one..
    Are you going to Target EVERY Tuesday??? I could have gone today with Emily... but I opted for veggies instead. :)

  2. Yea, I went to Target. It's Tuesday and I thought, 'Ooooo, it's Tuesday. Why don't I go over and see if there is anything cute at Target?' And there was. I have 2 of the cutwork green felt pails. One is for you.

  3. What a fun blog!

    I love your mom's quote about a workman and his tools. My photography mentor always said it isn't the camera, it's the person behind the camera. Sigh...it is much easier to by a new piece of equipment, isn't it? He and your mom would understand each other perfectly well!