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Prettier Lunch Bag

Hi, my daughter, Kristy, was packing her cloth lunch bag this week. When I saw it I was appalled. What in the world is this? I can make you a better lunch bag than this. "Well, Mom, it's Eco friendly." Okay, I said, I can do that, too.

Here is the infamous original lunch bag. I said, "Kris, it's missing a handle." She said, "No, it came that way." I said, WHAT!
So, of course, I had to design something that had one handle and an opening that was easily accessible to get to the food. Here it is. I lined it with purple because she really likes purple.
It's asymetrical for a more modern look, also. It's very roomy inside and I just got a tip from Lorina, my nephew's wife. She said if you make a pocket on the inside for an icepack that would be perfect. So the next one gets a pocket for an icepack.

It also has a batting inside like a quilt so it's almost insulated. ha ha When it gets carried the opening is on the diagonal. I think she's going to love it. She lives in New York so she likes modern stuff. I like country homey type stuff.

The next bag is going to be made out of some of the wonderful Amy Butler fabric. Yea!! I love fabric.

Hi, I'm Linda and I am the writer, crafter, and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer of this blog. Hope you will join me for some fun and it's all about fun. What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about.

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  1. Cute bag ... too bad I don't need a lunch bag or I would ask you to make me an Amy Butler one... real cute.

  2. Cute bag! I need a lunch bag, I've been recycling a Starbucks paper tote, it's not going to last very a long. I must dream up a creative one like yours! Thanks for the inspiration.