Saturday Michele, my niece, and I went to my brother's

house and put together some twig chairs.

He has a nail gun and a compressor and I don't.
At first it was very freaky to work with the nail gun because
it has a little PUFF of air that comes out after you pull

the trigger. I closed my eyes tight each time
I pulled the trigger and a nail came out. I was afraid that
I would nail something other than the twigs. Anyway, we
got the hang of it and then went to town on these things.
They are not very symmetrical, are they?
I think once they get their birds' nests and twiggy wreaths
and birds and some flowers glued on, they will shine.
Michele got some more of the twigs(curly maple?) at work
so we are all set to make more. Today we went around the
woods and cut down some grapevines and bittersweet vines
to form into wreaths and decorate the chairs. It's very much fun.
I'm having a problem finding the birds, though. I can find the
feather birds at Michael's but I really wanted the resin ones
because they are more substantive. Hope you like looking
at these



  1. How beautiful... I'm waiting for an uptodate picture.
    mmmmm, how about making me a mini chair? I could put it in my office on the high white desk... it would look super with my mini twig bed.. no?
    Love U, Carol

  2. Those are soooo cool!!

    m ^..^


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