Another Polka Dot Girl Embroidery Finished..

It certainly is a good feeling to see another Polka Dot Girls embroidery finished... only 10 to go ... :-( hahaha


  1. Oh I love this one! What do you do with them when done?

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks so much for your note over at etsy. Your mom is truly amazing! Whenever I hear of someone reaching such a venerable age, it always brings to mind the commandment that promises long life when we honor our parents---your mom must have done that ; ).
    I love your embroidery piece---I am really ready for spring myself!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  3. That's really pretty! I love the bees.

  4. Beautiful!! What do you plan to do with these?

  5. Hi
    I've enjoyed reading your posts. I love the needlework in the photo and on your header. By the way, I have my bunnies out all year round. One of my friends says she plays "where are the bunnies?" every time she comes to visit because I am always moving them around!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Hugs, Rhondi


So happy you came to visit today. Everyone is so busy but if you would like to leave a note for me, I would love it!!


I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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