Target Finds!

Okay, I found this fun stuff at Target. Then I had the pleasure of laying them out on my dining room table and taking a picture of them. I thought I might use the Easter hats as an Easter basket, and then put the goodies inside and tie the whole thing up in cellophane. We do have some little boys, though, so I guess they would need a basket or maybe a bucket. OR I could just put the little hat inside the Easter basket as one of the goodies. They were only $1. each. I really feel like I got a terrific buy! Then I bought these little metal pails. Mmmmmhmm... shopping therapy! Gotta love it.

Oh, you know what I love more than anything? The pen in the background of these pictures. I just noticed the pen AFTER uploading the pictures. Doggone.


  1. Oh, will you please go to Target and buy me 4 hats (1 white & 3 pink)???? Please Please.. and 2 pails (for boys)... please, please....pretty please.. We might not have them here in Penna.

  2. Love those little metal pails, but not as much as your 'sisters' embroidery! It's truly beautiful. I must do more embroidery.


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