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Flower Show stuff

When I saw these little bouquets of flowers wrapped in tissue, I couldn't resist. I didn't resist much that day. :)

Here are some things I bought at the flower show in Hartford. It was such a great show but there were two booths in particular that were amazing and fun. In fact, I had more fun that day than I'd had in a long time.
I used to be "into" mohair teddy bears. Here is one of them holding another little sweet thing from the Flower Show.

You can imagine the fun I had with my Mom (who also bought her own share of stuff - some for me and my sister) and my daughter (who bought a ready made little garden of real plants for her new apartment) and my niece who is a horticulturist. She graduated from the University of Connecticut. I'm so proud of her! She bought stuff, too. Gosh, we had fun!

Hi, I'm Linda and I am the writer, crafter, and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer of this blog. Hope you will join me for some fun and it's all about fun. What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about.

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