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Book purse

My daughter brought me back a book pocketbook from Key West (she went last week) so naturally I had to make one right away. :) I kinda ruined the one she gave me so I could figure out how it was done. So I hunted around the house for a book that I could turn into a book pocketbook. It was a problem. I really like my books and I have a lot of kids books but really, really did not want to cut the guts out of them. Anyway, I made this selection of a cheap Little Women book with a hard cover. I took out all the pages. Then I made a separate purse out of fabric and lined it with felt and glued the whole thing inside. I like it but I think it's usefulness is probably limited. It can only be as big as the spine of the book is. It's like a wedge shape so, well, anyway it was fun to make. Hope you enjoy looking at it.

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  1. That is a clever idea... Want to make one for me???
    Love You

  2. First of all this is one of my favorites books, all time favorites. Secondly, this is a sweet idea!